Richard McKeon (1900-1985)
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An Introduction to the Thought
of Richard McKeon

Richard McKeon
Edited by Zahava K. McKeon

© 1990 The University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London

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Preface by Zahava McKeon    vii
McK-Freedom&History_Preface.pdf   1.6 MB

Introduction by Howard Ruttenberg    xiii

1   Spiritual Autobiography   3
McK-SpiritualAutobiography.pdf   11 MB

2   Philosophy and History in the Development of Human Rights   37

3   The Development and the Significance of the Concept of Responsibility   62

4   Communication, Truth, and Society   88
McK-CommunicationTruth&Society.pdf   292 KB

5   Dialogue and Controversy in Philosophy   103

6   Has History a Direction? Philosophical Principles in Objective Interpretations
Essay, Oral Presentation, Reply to Queries, and Commentary   126
McK-HasHistoryADirection.pdf   10.8 MB

7   Freedom and History
      1.  Historical Background and Theoretic Assumptions   160
      2.  Historical Semantics and Philosophical Semantics   170
      3.  The Dialectical Analysis of Freedom and History   192
      4.  The Logistic Analysis of Freedom and History   208
      5.  The Problematic Analysis of Freedom and History   221
      6.  Semantics, Philosophy, and Action   235

8   Philosophic Semantics and Philosophic Inquiry   242
McK-PhilosophicSemantics&Inquiry.pdf   6.1 MB

Author-Title Index   257

Subject Index   263